Some business owners today brush off the importance of quality vinyl banners. Here’s the thing: Effective banner design makes a significant impact in terms of branding. Before getting too far ahead of yourself, though, you will want to understand how much of an influence colors have in a banner advertisement.

Let’s take a closer look at the psychology of a few colors and whether or not they make sense for your banner.


As you might have guessed, the color yellow tends to be associated with energy, optimism, and sunshine. It’s a no-brainer for your next banner, right? Not necessarily.

Too much yellow can actually be irritating to your consumer’s eyes. So if you choose to use this powerful color, remember to balance it with black or blue. Yellow works best for industries that aim to make customers act quickly (i.e. travel).


Red is all about passion, love, and fire. Business owners often use this color in their banners to evoke some sort of emotion. Just know that if you decide to use red in your banner, you’re setting some pretty lofty expectations.

Red continues to be a popular choice for those in the food, retail, and entertainment industries. So if you’re in need of a brand overhaul and fit into any of these industries, red might just be the way to go.


Purple serves as the color of royalty, luxury, and wisdom. Then again, it also connects with ambition, creativity, and magic. So would purple make sense for your brand?

For the most part, purple is meant for businesses that want to inspire trust and credibility. Brands that play around this color usually focus on the entire family and do everything in their power to deliver exceptional service.


When springtime rolls around, we are usually bombarded with green messaging. It’s no surprise when you consider that green signifies growth, rebirth and nature, as well as prosperity and abundance. This color is also peaceful, calm, and relaxed.

Does your business specialize in fresh, organic, or natural products? Then you should probably consider green being a focal point of your branding strategy.


This one’s a bit more complicated. On one hand, blue gives a sense of strength, tranquility, and assurance. Lighter shades of blue, however, can be synonymous with compassion and care.


Your product/service is all about creativity and enthusiasm. Basically, you want your consumers to have fun and live life to the fullest. If this aligns with your business, then orange could very well be the best fit.

Examples to consider here include Fanta and Harley-Davidson, among others.

High-Quality Vinyl Sign Printing

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