Promotional banners can be extremely powerful. If you get the design right, then chances are that they will pull people into your event or business. However, should you rush through the process, you can forget about additional foot traffic.

Believe it or not, banner creation is a science. Go overboard in a certain area and it’s not going to come out the way you wanted. The same holds true if your banner isn’t sharp, crisp, or vibrant.

Let’s let at three tips for creating top-of-the-line promotional banners.

  1. Consider how you choose to use the space – There are many sizes of banners. That said, even the largest ones have a capped amount of space. Before diving too far into the project, remember that your banner will be seen from a distance. Does it really make sense to fill it up with as much information as possible? Probably not. We recommend playing it safe with big, bold lettering that’s easy to see. Maybe you’re thinking, “I’m excited about my business and want others to know about it. The more text on the banner, the better.” You’re setting yourself up for disappointment with this mindset. If outdoor and indoor signage are your primary strategies for growing your business, then it’s time to rethink those marketing efforts.
  2. Be mindful of colors – It’s easy to get carried away with the loudest, trendiest colors. Hold on a minute, though. Be sure to account for the current brand, logo, and existing color schemes associated with your business. The last thing you want is to confuse those people who do, in fact, stop to look at your banner. Our advice here? Emphasize color cohesion as much as possible. Implement your business logo in some form or fashion. It also helps to consider the location where the banner will be displayed. For example, will there be green trees or red brick in the background? Double-check that your banner will look aesthetically pleasing against the backdrop.
  3. Get to the point – Society’s attention span continues to decrease. You literally have seconds to get your message across. Believe it or not, eight to 12 words should do the trick in most cases. Do whatever necessary to keep what you’re conveying clear and concise. Put yourself in their shoes for a moment. Perhaps you’re going on a run with your dog and just happen to notice a few promotional banners. We’re willing to bet you wouldn’t want to read a novel. So get to the point! If anything, those interested in learning more can either check out your website or call you.

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